Styling Ruth & Deej from
We met up with fashion bloggers, Ruth and Deej, rummaged through their closet and styled them from head to toe in #streetreadystyle apparel. Ruth (Left) was styled by Eric Vance and DeeJ (Right) styled by Justin David. Both dressed in #allblack and alternatively #allwhite. These chicks looked amazing rocking the monochromatic look! Not only are these two ladies radical, their closet is  also absolutely amazing, leaving us with the greatest selection!

Thank you for letting us raid your closets !!

Ruth - Pants (RAG&BONE), Shoes (VANS), CAP (ARITZIA)
Deej - Vest (VEDA), Sandals (VINTAGE), Shirt (ARITZIA)

Deej - Top & Skirt (ARITZIA), Shoes (ZARA), Jacket (VINTAGE)
Ruth - Shirt, Tuque & Skirt (ARITZIA), Shoes (VANS)

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