Last week, #streetreadystyle was lucky enough to interview designers; Godfrey Mensah, Ebe Osei-Afriyie, and Tolu Ogundare for an exclusive preview of their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. The three, young, fashion forward visionaries started their story in 2008 with a T-shirt and with the success of this particular colorful T-shirt, BEAUCOUP FASHION HOUSE was launched!

BEAUCOUP FH, has now transitioned from T-shirts to a full blown Cut & Sew hand crafted in Canada Spring/Summer collection. We spoke to the trio for a full insight into their most recent collection called Quality Over Quantity.

The designers revealed their inspirations for making these cool, ready to wear pieces. Their newest collection features pieces that are edgy, unisex and versatile. 

With NYFW having just passed, the designers believe there is no specific brand that they drew inspiration from, but rather having a look at all the collections. Thus creating their very own collection influenced by everything they see in the media to everyday street wear. 

Having already mentioned our favorite trends from this year's NYFW SS14, BEAUCOUP FH, explains to us their favorites! Shifting away from the mainstream, their collection features an homage to 70's and 90's era fashion with the juxtaposition of elegant hip hop.  Their staple pieces include a white blazer with Kente sleeves, and a pair of Kente shorts to which the front has one pattern and the back has crowns. They continued to explain, they are merging these shorts into a possible tuxedo line. A lot of the pieces work together and at the same time work separately. This creates their signature look, Africa meets western Hip-Hop. You can catch the ready to wear brand on celebrities such as Drake's "OVO" Crew and Chris Brown.

Focusing on their recent collection, the big differences the designers see between this season and their last, is the relaxation of the look. This collection "takes it to that level", they have a lot of Kente mixed with modern yet traditional pieces. For example, they feature models wearing a wrap top, which is traditional to their African culture. Making the culture reference more modern to today's society.

We ended the interview by asking them what advice would they give to someone new to the industry. The boys simply answered "BELIEVE IN YOUR VISION!"

So what's next for the street, classic style with cutting edge design brand? An exclusive store in Ottawa for a consignment has been mentioned, Magic Week in Las Vegas and an exclusive Beaucoup FH Invite Only Kick Off Collection coming within a few weeks at Toronto Fashion Week.

Twitter @BeaucoupFH

"BeaucoupFH strives to create clothing for, and encourage the imaginations of those who push boundaries fashionably, socially, and intellectually."

**PHOTO CREDIT - Nadine Jacob
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