Just the other day we got to attend an outdoor food+drink+fashion event called "Harvest Noir". The event (dinerenblanc), originating from Paris is now being hosted in cities around the world each adding their own style. In Paris, guests are asked to dress in head to toe white and participate in a "chic picnic". Our event gave contrast to the original soirĂ©e because guests were invited to wear all black. On a typical day, we sport head to toe black so this gave us the perfect night to dress in our #allblack color scheme! All arrived with picnic baskets full of fresh prepared local organic dishes and mingled over some wine while enjoying the talented entertainment. At last, the dinner ended with the Paris tradition of lighting hundreds of sparklers in the air at dawn

The "chic picnic" presented to us some very unique attire. Many hats, headpieces, kilts, tuxedos and everything in between. Classic looks and street fashions varied from table to table across the entire picnic.


Thank you @613style for sending us to this event !!

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